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Advertisement makes perfect

Personally and still professionally, our experienced promoters and promotion hostesses walk up to pedestrians and give them an understanding of your product/ service.

Due to their high motivation, our promoters from Berlin or Dresden arouse interest of customers and create lasting memories. Convince yourself!

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A friendly smile, a competent consultation and a captivating temper make the difference.

One promotion is not just like another – neither in Berlin

Promotion hostesses at the InterTabac

In the range of sales promotion there is a wide array of options for implementation.

At the sampling promotion, our promoters and hostesses distribute e. g. models of your products among passers-by. Free samples are a well-tried but still very effective way of customer acquisition. The customer has the opportunity to test the product, whereby your company’s reputation improves and the probability that customers purchase your product again rises.

Tastings are another possibility of promotion. Here, tasters of your products are distributed free of charge, e. g. in a shopping mall in Berlin, by our promoters. As for the sampling promotion, customers can assure themselves and get inspired to make a purchase.

Advertisements campaigns in clubs, at events or in bars are particularly popular for products and services that are supposed to address a young or trend-oriented audience. Starting with the distribution of flyers, over sampling up to lotteries, the promoters and promotion hostesses of our agency undertake every task.

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Fair promotion – a class apart

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Why a promotion agency?

Big cities like Potsdam, Leipzig, Dresden and especially Berlin are a very tough market when it comes to advertising activities. Particularly start-up companies have difficulties, since they encounter an enormous amount of competitors. Hence, it is important to create advertisement that remains in the memories of consumers and customers and convinces them.

All facets of promotion are exactly the right method for this however, you need know-how and experience to use optimal. As a promotion agency we know the importance of personal customer contact, to remain in memory. Our promoters and promotion hostesses from Potsdam, Leipzig and other German cities ensure that your potential customers will have positive associations towards your brand or rather company.

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