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Making your hobby your profession as an influencer - for most people certainly a dream come true. Whether Instagram, Facebook or YouTube - Influencer dominate social media channels worldwide. According to an international study by the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, 4.6 million Influencer were reported in Germany in 2015. Since then, the number of influential social media blogger is rising steadily and we are increasingly dealing with talents in the field of Influencer marketing. Therefore, our Influencer Agency Berlin has broaden the repertoire of services  to offer professional support when it comes to arranging valuable contacts with promising Influencer in Berlin!

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Influencer marketing Berlin: New customer acquisition through personal recommendation

The task: To create advertising that customers love

Although colourful and fast-moving big cities offer a lot of potential for ambitious companies, this usually comes with the price of a high risk of drowning in the crowd. Start-ups in particular, but also already established companies sometimes find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and to keep in touch with their target group. Effective marketing for a successful campaign is becoming increasingly demanding and extensive in times where costumer spent most of the time on social media channels. As a result, marketing strategists are constantly faced with new challenges.

The solution: Efficient use of social media with Influencer Marketing Berlin

But what exactly is Influencer Marketing? Simply put, it is a cooperation between an Influencer and a Berlin-based company. The company provides the influencer with products or services free of charge, which are presented attractively on the social media platforms by the trendsetter. The Influencer thus effectively use their impact on their follower and take a part in the online marketing of their cooperation partner. As a conclusion, Influencer marketing basically functions like a personal recommendation of the influencer to its subscribers.


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When choosing the right testimonial for your company in Berlin, there is a lot to consider. Trust the experience of our Influencer Agency Berlin, because we know exactly which details are important - book now and benefit from our expertise!

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Micro Influencer Berlin

Micro Influencer: Sometimes less is more!

Social Media stars with an enormous amount of follower and an international reputation naturally come by a price that in some cases may exceed your budget. That said, still no reason to skip your plan of pushing your promotion through an Influencer Marketing Strategy! In order to profit from the influence of a social media personality, you do not have to plunge into enormous sums to get involved with the number one social media trendsetter. According to the latest studies, the tried and tested wisdom that "less is more" does also apply to this specific branch. 

Social media user with a smaller amount of follower, so-called Micro Influencer, are often more ambitious and active when it comes to interactions and personal contact to their fans. Additionally, it is not only important for an effective promotion that your products are seen, they more importantly should evoke a reaction in the costumer which in the best case leads to a purchase decision. 


Micro Influencers from Berlin and other cities in Germany provide the important impact in the right direction and should therefore not be underestimated!



Influencer Job Berlin

Become an influencer and hit the ground running as trendsetter in Berlin!

You have a strong fanbase to your popular profile on various social media channels? You are interested in diverse and interesting part-time jobs? A serious and professional approach to social media is easy for you and you are always keen to testing new products and sharing your experiences with others? Then apply now and hit the ground running as trendsetter on Instagram & Co. with support of our Influencer Agency Berlin!

We offer you to turn your hobby into business by bringing you together with different companies from Berlin who share the same passion as you! Get started as an Influencer on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and grab one of our Influencer Jobs Berlin!

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