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Influencer – when a hobby becomes a profession. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook or YouTube – influencers dominate the social media channels. According to an international study by the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, in 2015 there were already 4.6 million influencers in Germany alone. In our agency Berlin, too, we are dealing more and more with talents in the field of influencer marketing. That is why we now support you as an influencer agency in Berlin, as well, and arrange contact with promising influencers in this area!

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Influencer marketing Berlin: New customer acquisition through personal recommendation

The task: To create advertising that customers love

Anyone living in a colorful and fast-moving city like Berlin runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. For start-up companies in particular, but also for well-known brands, it is sometimes difficult to reach their target group, to retain customers and induce them to buy. Because advertising is getting more and more complicated and in the age of social media customers can’t be lured with conventional, eye-catching advertising in the local weekly or on an old Berlin advertising column anymore. The increasing demand of customers means that marketing strategists constantly have to face new challenges.

The solution: Efficient use of social media with Influencer Marketing Berlin

But what exactly is Influencer Marketing? It is a cooperation between influencers and companies from Berlin, whereby the influencer receives products or services provided by the company for free and displays and advertises them in appealingly designed posts. The influencers take advantage of the impact the have on their followers and take responsibility for the marketing of their cooperation partner. Thus, influencer marketing works like a personal recommendation of the influencer to its subscribers.


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- We will find the matching testimonials for your company in Berlin -

When choosing the right testimonial, there is a lot to consider for your company in Berlin. As an influencer agency Berlin, we know what is important in the arrangement - book now and benefit from our expertise!

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Micro Influencer Berlin

Micro influencer: Doing more with less!

However, do not worry – as a company in Berlin to benefit from an influencer, you do not have to consult the national beauty guru number one for horrendous sums. Because sometimes it’s about doing more with less! - Studies show that social media users with comparatively little numbers of followers, so-called micro influencers, are often more dedicated and even more interacting with their followers. And especially in influencer marketing, it's not just about seeing your products, but for the Social Media User to react or, better still, decide to purchase.


Micro influencers from Berlin and Germany cause reactions and therefore should not be underestimated!



Influencer Job Berlin

Become an influencer - start your career as a social media influencer in Berlin

You have a strong community and want to earn money with an interesting side job? You feel comfortable dealing with social media and like testing new and innovative products and introducing them to your followers? Then you can conquer Berlin with the support of our agency as an influencer Instagram & Co.!

We offer you the chance to turn your hobby into a job and we will arrange contacts with companies from our capital who share the same passion as you!

Start as an influencer for Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and introduce new products and companies to your community. Apply now and grab one of our Influencer Jobs Berlin!

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