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With engagement and experience to success

You are seeking the right figurehead for your brand? Then profit of our unique models and experience as a model agency for Dresden!

Due to a comprehensive model pool and a large, faithful customer base, our Model Agency Dresden already gathered longstanding important know-how as regards the mediation of models, grid girls and fair hostesses.

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Your agency for models, grid girls & hostesses in Dresden

Individuality and authenticity is our top priority. Through careful selection and regular trainings we guarantee in addition professionalism and an impeccable appearance of our models and hostesses, so that you immediately stand apart from the masses with your next project.

Moreover, the diversity of our database ensures to find the right lid for every pot! No matter if men, women, Best Agers, grid girls, fair or promotion hostesses, we represent all kinds of looks.


We offer you:

Competent fair hostesses for the schriftgut in Dresden
Professional models for the SachsenKrad
Motivating promotion hostesses and models for the OSTPRO Dresden
Trained fair hostesses and promoters for the IFK
Eccentric models for the room+style
… and further first-class fair hostesses, models, grid girls and promotion hostesses for your promotional actions.

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Models and hostesses sought!


You are interested in exciting jobs as a model, grid girl, promotion or fair hostess? Then you are at the right address, no matter if you are newcomer or professional model, since in Dresden and surroundings hostesses and models are frequently sought.

Requirements you should fulfill are, apart from good looks, self-confidence, charisma, charm and communication skills.


You have become curious? Then apply now free of charge via our online application form and get it started together with our Model Agency Dresden!

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Since we are Germany-wide in various cities like Berlin, Potsdam or Leipzig active, you can work there in different areas like commercial, fairs or runway as well.

Florence on the Elbe meets Silicon Saxony

In Dresden, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, art, economy and science meet face to face.

On the one hand, there is the architecture, shaped through several epochs, and numerous sights like the Frauenkirche, the Semper Opera or the Zwinger, which contribute significantly to Dresden’s familiarity and popularity.

On the other hand, Dresden is also well-positioned in the areas of science and economy. Especially in the fields of nanotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and microelectronics Dresden ranks among the world leaders, wherefore the sector association Silicon Saxony established its centre here.   

The combination of beauty and science has a positive impact on Dresden. The buildings, sights and of course the beautiful location attract tourists from all around the world, which benefits the regional economy. Moreover, the large economical and scientific institutions have the opportunity to use the magnificent backdrop for their promotional actions.